About 44 Ideas

A Somerset girl and South Yorkshire lad met in West Yorkshire. Drew patterns and letters for Hallmark Cards for many years before setting off together on their own Alphabet Adventures!


Pleb was our first baby, we birthed it together in 2005. We used to sell adult T-Shirts with quirky designs on by the table load at a stall in Leeds CornXchange in Leeds city centre. They were good times! We came up with the idea to create an alphabet in 2007 that soon became a brand in it's own right...


Font Not Found

Yes, it's ironic that as school kids one of us struggled through extra lessons and speech therapy continually looking at words (carrying around an old sweet tin of paper key words) to try and catch up with the rest of the class, the other was recognised as dyslexic (which is a stupidly hard word to spell in itself) as a young teen and instantly realised that was why they had struggled through school, Ironic yes that they both decide to fixate on drawing letters for fun and now for a living. Words and letters which were the cause of many school troubles are now one of the big joys in our lives!

We draw letters all the time, sometimes in drawing pads, sometimes on computer, normally on scraps of paper lying around. We then work and build up to a full alphabet. So far we've launched seven fonts available on tops, badges, cards and cushions.

I (Lucy) quit my day job awhile back and so Font Not Found* is our way to have fun and support our family, we have young ones brought to us by the letters M, R & S!

Basically we love fonts and keep drawing them. Now you can wear them proudly on your chest!


Lucy Teacup

This brand came about whilst Pleb was our main focus. Lucy had created a few more feminine pieces that didn't really sit with Pleb, and were more of her sole creations. Most of her dresses and skirts are limited to 25 pieces to keep things fresh and indie.

Donald's Wally hat

Lucy's mum likes to knit and, likes to knit all sorts of things. We used to sell them on our market stall for her but now we've set up an online shop for her own random knits. The name is from a hat she knitted her husband, Donald, he wanted something on top to pull the hat off with that wasn't a bobble- he got a tassel. He wore that hat all the time and his kids gave it a nickname 'Donald's Wally Hat'.


Woolley & Wickham- Vintage Emporium of Walcot (Coming Soon)

Our house is filled with old stuff. Lucy's family used to run a bric-A-brac shop (at 16 Walcot Buildings in Bath, and later in a farm barn), anyway so many items ended up being kept. Now our house is over-flowing we have set up this brand just as a platform to de-clutter. We will never have a minimalist house but thought we should pass on items that are being stored in boxes to someone who will cherish them.

So that's all our brands...we put them under the umbrella of '44ideas'. We won't be limited to setting up new ideas that don't sit with a current range. We'll just set up a brand new brand...that is till we hit 44!


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