Super Seconds Festival 2024

Welcome to the Super Second Festival Extravaganza!

Discover many offerings from all your favourite brands, including trendy t-shirts, stylish bags, delightful cards, cosy sweatshirts, and even more t-shirts! But that's not all; we're putting a special spotlight on the holiday season with unbeatable early bird deals on our Christmas stockings. These stockings are tailor-made just for you and will arrive well in advance to bring holiday cheer.

We'll feature one of our stylish fonts for the Super Second Festival as part of the festivities. This allows you to add a personal touch to your preferred products with a letter of your choice. Plus, you'll be delighted that many items, including charming badges, are available at discounted prices!

If you're in a hurry, don't fret! We have a selection of pre-made items ready to be shipped, ensuring you get them precisely when needed. Explore our "READY TO SHIP" sections for swift satisfaction.

And here's a little extra treat for you – use the code SUPERSECONDS to enjoy a 10% discount on full-priced items throughout our collection. Don't miss out on these fantastic deals; it's time to embrace the Super Second Festival in style!